Australia in Maps: 1540-1898
 No. 1
Aa, Van Der.
Bassora em de Land Scappen tussen den Eufrat en Tiger stroom, een Gedeelte van Persien de Indiaanze Zee. Straat Zunda.
Amsterdam, 1714. 23 x 16 cm. Not in Tooley.
Very interesting map of the Indian Ocean with the west coast of Australia with 7 features marked on Hollandia Nova. Two-thirds of Australia & Africa. Cartouche over ocean.
No. 2
Aa, Van Der.
Indien onder den Heer Loro Vaz de Sampayo, als Gouverneur Generaal, im Nieuw-Spanje in America van Peru en Chili.
Amsterdam, 1714. 23.5 x 16 cm. Not in Tooley.
West & north coasts of Australia are noted. Large cartouche over Pacific Ocean.
No. 3
Allardt, H.
Nova Tabula India Orientalis.
Amsterdam, 1690. 57.5x45 cm, original color. Tooley p 207, No 49, plt 134.
Map centering on the Indian Ocean, includes all of Australia after Tasman's discoveries. Elaborate cartouche extends along the lower border with elephants & camels, natives, etc. "The Allard individual maps, though few in number, have considerable merit, and are prized by collectors. They are quite rare." Tooley p. 7.
No. 4
Universalis Tabula In Ptolemaeum.
London, c 1800. 41x26 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
Map 1st published 1504. Updated version of Reischs world. Land-locked Indian Ocean.
No. 5
Andrews, John.
A New Chart of New Holland on which are delineated New South Wales, and a Plan of Botany Bay.
London, Stockdale, 1787, Jany 1. 35 x 36 cm, outline color. Tooley p7, no 43.
Map focused entirely on the Australian continent, called "New Holland". Inset Plan of Botany Bay. Hypothetical south coast extending to Van Diemens Land, called "The Land of Peter Nuyts discovered Jany 1627, which starts as a solid line and eventually breaks into dots in SA. EAst coast with much detail, positively filled with names of capes, mounts, pooints, from "York Cape" all the way down to Tasmania, which is also connected to the mainland by a dotted line.
No. 6
Australia & New Zealand.
London, c 1840. 17x22.5 cm, colored. Not in Tooley.
Very rough sketch map but with lovely colored illustrations around the edges including kangaroo hunting.
No. 7
East India Islands, Australia & Polynesia.
London, c 1840. 24x29 cm, outline color. Not in Tooley.
Insets of VDL & NSW, illustrated edges with aborigines, kangaroos, maoris.
No. 8
Apres de Manvillette, D’.
Carte reduite de l’Ocean Oriental.
Paris, 1753, updated 1771. 56x84 cm, modern color. Tooley p 9, no 57.
This long chart covers from Africa to the western two-thirds of Australia. French maritime chart, published by the Depot de cartes de la Marine. Restored centerfold.
No. 9
Archer, J.
London, c. 1855. 29x23 cm. Tooley p 180, no 1464.
Western third of New Holland, called "West Australia or Swan River". Inset of NZ. Counties of NSW & WA listed. "Austral India" in Carpentaria.
No. 10
Arrowsmith, Aaron.
Edinburgh, 1816. 24.5x19 cm, outline color. Not in Tooley, see p 12, no 71.
Notasia or New Holland on map. Note "Macquarie River supposed to flow across the continent to the west coast".
No. 11
Arrowsmith, Aaron.
London, 1830 8th Dec. 42x46.5 cm. Lithograph. Red outlining colonies, incl. Melville Island. Not in Tooley.
Inset NSW, yellow marks uninhabited area, sea in blue wash. Colonized area red, Swan River, Albany, Port Essington, Port Philip to Moreton Bay.
No. 12
Arrowsmith, John.
Australia according to the Proposed Divisions.
London, 1838. 21.5x18.5 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
John Arrowsmith made the most important contribution to 19th centure maps of Australia. As cartographer to both the Royal Geographical Society and the Parliamentary Reports, he had access to the most up-to-date discoveries throughout the world. Australia was important to England as a colony and became more so with subsequent gold discoveries. It was almost inevitable that he should specialize in maps on that area. He was prolific in publishing detailed and accurate maps of all the individual states which he was constantly revising with the results of further exploration. Beyond his importance as a cartographer, his maps are beautiful productions. His use of print, delicate outline color and design make them highly prized. This map divides WA into Victoria & Dampieria. Inset Spain & Portugal for scale. Australia divided into Torresia, Cooksland, Guelphia, Carpentaria, Flindersland, Tasmania (in NT!), Dampieria, Victoria & VDL.
No. 13
Arrowsmith, John.
Australia from Surveys made by Order of the British Government.
London, 1842, May 1st. 2 sheets, each 52x60 cm, color. See Tooley p 14, no 83. This edition not recorded in Tooley.
This two sheet map has some overlapping of South Australia, due to the enormous proportions of the map. Each section of coast is marked with the appropriate first explorer's names and dates of exploration. He also details the current inland explorations, including the tracks of Sturt, Mitchell, Oxley and Eyre. There are three insets; Mercator projection of Eastern Hemisphere, Torres St & VDL.
No. 14
Arrowsmith, John.
Australia Showing the Present & Proposed Boundaries of the Respective Colonies 30th Sept 1860. Sir G Bowen to Sec of State.
London, 1861. 41.5x30 cm, outline color. Not in Tooley.
Proposes extending Queensland & S.A. border west, Kimberly & N.T. combined to form Albert Land.
No. 15
Arrowsmith, John.
London, 1846. 31x25 cm, outline color. Not in Tooley.
Edward John Eyre's route across Australia denoted in red. NSW, NA, SA, WA.
No. 16
Arrowsmith, John.
Sketch map to illustrate Dr Leichardt's route from Moreton Bay to Port Essington.
London, 1846. 21x19 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
No. 17
Arrowsmith, John.
Eastern Archipelago to Illustrate Mr W Earles' Paper.
London, 1845. 24x19.5 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
Includes Great Australian Bank (attaches VDL & NG in the north).
No. 18
Arrowsmith, John.
Map of Australia 1839.
Glasgow, Fullarton, 1839. 23.5x18.5 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
Early South Australia.
No. 19
Arrowsmith, John.
Map Shewing the Range of the Southern Dialects of Australia.
London, 1845. 22x19 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
WA Natives (dialect 1).
No. 20
Arrowsmith, John.South Eastern Portion of Australia.
London, 1838. 50x60 cm, outline color. Tooley p 16, no 95.
Australia from Brisbane to the Spencer Gulf, NSW with 19 counties marked. 14 expeditions ranging from 1817 to 1840 have been plotted and notated in the bottom right corner incl. Oxley, Hume, Cunningham, Sturt, Mitchell, Bourke, Tyers and Strzelecki. Inset of Australia, Victoria as Australia Felix, early Melbourne.
No. 21
Arrowsmith, John.
South Eastern Portion of Australia.
London, 1852. 60x48 cm. Tooley p 16, no 98 .
Moreton Bay to Spencer's Gulf, inset map of Aus. Goldfields marked as well as explorers routes. Victoria designated as a state. Inset of Australia.
No. 22
Aspin, J.
A Chart of New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land & c.
London, 1821. 60x50 cm, outline color. Tooley p 303, no 118 .
The map divided into four sections incl. the surveys in the interior of NSW; Van Diemen's Land; British Settlements at Port Jackson; Australasia. Tracks of Oxley & Evans explorations in 1817 & 8, as well as Howe from Windsor to Pattersons River. VDL has 23 numbered counties.
No. 23
Bagge, G.
Paris, 1889. 43x54.5 cm, printed color.
Five explorations.
No. 24
Philadelphia, c 1880. 29x41 cm, printed color.
Stuart Land in central Australia, NZ printed on verso.
No. 25
New Map of Asia.
London, March 1781. 34.5x22.5 cm, modern outline color. Not in Tooley.
Tasmania attached to Australia.
 No. 26
Becker, E P.
London, G. Virtue, c 1836. 24x19.5 cm, outline color.
West Australia in south, New Holland in north, South Aus. outlined, Port Phillip for Victoria.
No. 27
Becker, E P.
London, c 1850. 24x20 cm, outline color.
New Holland in NW of WA, northern border NSW, no Queensland, South Aus. Border not to W.A.
No. 28
Bellin, Nicolas.
Carte de l’Ocean Oriental ou Mer des Indes.
Paris, 1751. 48.5x34 cm. Not in Tooley.
Capetown, Arabia, China, West coast Australia.
No. 29
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas.
Carte Reduite des Mers Comprises entre l’Asie et l’Amerique Mer du Sud.
Paris, 1742 updated to 1756. 84x56 cm. Tooley p 23, no 153.
Large scale sea chart on thick paper.
No. 30
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas.
Carte Reduite des Terres Australes.
Paris, 1753. 27.5x20.5 cm. Tooley p 24, no 156 & Tooley p 214, no 80, plt 9 .
Jacques Nicolas Bellin was the official hydrographer to the French Ministry of Marine, and is well-known for the introduction of hypothetical coast lines where positive sightings had not been made. In this period, cartographers were still relying on Tasman's momentous discoveries of 100 years earlier to form the basis of the Australian continent, and it was not until Cook arrived 20 years later that any important new discoveries were made. As such, Tasmania is joined to Australia and the suggested east coast of Australia joins Spirit Esantu (Vanuatu) with New Guinea and Tasmania. This attractive map is focused on the continent of Australia with a hypothesized east coast which includes New Hebrides and Van Diemen's Land.
No. 31
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas.
Ins Kleine Gebrachte Karte von den Sud-laendern.
Germany, 1753. 27.5x20.5 cm. See Tooley p 24, no 156 for French edition .
Bellin was the official French hydrographer, but unlike his predecessor De L'Isle, he introduced a hypothetical east coast despite the fact that positive sightings had not been made. Australia is joined with Tasmania, Spirit Esantu & NG.
No. 32
Betts, John.
Australasia & Polynesia.
London, Betts Family Atlas, 1848. 63.5x37 cm.
Inset of Singapore. Bett's Family Atlas.
No. 33
Betts, John.
London, Betts School Atlas, 1848. 38.5x30.5 cm, color. Tooley p 25, no 165.
"Southern Australia" for S.A.; "New Holland" positioned in NW of W.A., while W.A. is restricted to the sw corner. Counties in NSW & WA in color.
No. 34
Black, A&C.
Edinburgh, c 1851. 38x25 cm, color. Tooley p 27, no 180 .
SA not to WA border; Victoria as Australia Felix. "New Holland or Australia", NSW, no Queensland, rather "North Australia". S.A. border does not meet W.A.
No. 35
Black, A&C.
1855. 55.5x42 cm, color. Tooley p 27, no 180.
Victoria as a state, gold discoveries marked.
No. 36
Black, A&C.
Edinburgh, c 1859. 55.5x42 cm, printed in color.
Queensland southern border included north but only to Tropic of Capricorn, above North Australia. Inset of VDL.
No. 37
Black, A&C.
Australia (Variant).
Edinburgh, 1855. 54x41 cm. Mono-color, topography included. Tooley p 102, no 181 .
Victoria (gold) NSW & North Australia. No Queensland. Gregory's expedition recorded in NT & WA. Includes 4 keys of text not on earlier entry.
No. 38
Blaeu, Guiljelmus.
India quae Orientalis dicitur et insulae adiacentes.
Amsterdam, 1642-1650. 49.5x41 cm, original color. Tooley p 33, no 223-229.
A pre-Tasman map of South East Asia, with the north of coast of Australia, west coast of Cape York and nw coast of Western Australia. "The first popular map to depict part of Australia." Tooley. Schilder #40; Clancy pp6-7; Suarez p 201-3.
No. 39
Bligh, Lieut William.
NE Coast of New Holland Track of Lieut Bligh in the Bounty Launch.
J. Walker, London , 1789 (?). 19 x 26.5cm on paper 28 x 38 cm, from book. Not in Tooley .
North Queensland coast from 13 deg. South through to Torres Straits in the north. Bligh later went on to be governor of NSW. This remarkable chart was first published in the first edition of Bligh's account of the infamous mutiny. It was charted during Bligh's death-defying journey across 4000 miles of open seas in the Bounty's launch. Despite departing under such dire circumstances, Bligh piloted the launch to safety in Timor. "In the course of this hazardous journey Bligh took the opportunity to chart and name parts of the unknown north-east coast of New Holland as he passed along it" (Wantrup, p.128). One wonders at his continued attention to such detail. The book is entitled "A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty' and the Subsequent Voyage of Part of the Crew, in the Ship's Boat, from Tofoa, One of the Friendly Islands, To Timor..." The map is not listed in Tooley, but should be. The book references: Ferguson 71; Wantrup 61; Hill 132; Kroepelian 87.
No. 40
Bonne, M.
Carte pour Servir a l’Histoire Philosophique et Politique des Establissements et du Commerce des Europeens dans les Deux Indies.
Paris, 1774. 47.5x32.5 cm. Not in Tooley .
Eastern Hemisphere, including most of Australia with the east coast. Includes monsoon directions.
No. 41
Mappe Monde sur un Plan Horisontal (sic).
Paris, c 1787. 34x23 cm, modern color.. Tooley p 33, no 231 .
Northern projection with an oriental tilt, very unusual.
No. 42
Bougainville, L.
Developement de la Route faire la Boudeuse et l’Etoile.
Paris, 1747. 20.5x22.5 cm, modern outline color. Not in Tooley.
No. 43
Bowen, Emanuel.
A Complete Map of the Southern Continent.
London, 1744. 48x37.5 cm. Tooley p 35, no 241 .
The first English map devoted solely to the Dutch discoveries in New Holland (Australia). It is based on Thevenot's map of 1663, with the addition of a decorative cartouche on the lower left and a wonderful explanatory note on the history of discovery. Bowen expounds an optimistic view of the country's riches. Dampier's account of the west coast of Australia had reported that the land was worthless - Bowen rejected this, based on the fact that South and Central America were overflowing with riches. One of the most attractive early Australian maps- so important that Cook took a copy with him on his 1st voyage. A nice copy with a couple of minor flaws - two small marginal chips on the left, and a tiny tear on the right repaired.
No. 44
Bowen, Thomas.
A New and Accurate Map of Asia.
London, c 1785. 41.5x32 cm. Tooley p 35, no 242.
Cook’s east coast with VDL joined to Australia.
No. 45
Braam, J van.
Kaart der Reyse van Abel Tasman.
Amsterdam, 1724-6. 47x30 cm. Tooley p212, no 69, plt 95.
From Valentyn's extensive account of the Dutch explorations and settlements in the East, illustrated with views, portraits and prints of local scenes and fauna and flora as well as maps.  (Shirley) This map is based on the second voyage of Abel Tasman in 1644.
No. 46
Braam, J van.
Tabula Indiae Orientales et Regnorum Adjacentium.
Amsterdam, 1724. 66x49 cm. Tooley p 211, no 68.
B&w, lacking left border with some loss.
No. 47
Oceanica or Oceania.
Philadelphia, 1835. 25.5x19.5 cm, outline color.
Segmented divisions.
No. 48
Brouckner, Isaac.
Carte Marine de Isles Merid Le Indes Orient et de la Nouve Hollande (&). Nouvelle Zelandes Isles Salomon.
Paris, 1749. 2 sheets, 44x52 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley British Museum Atlas location MAR I 18 7 TAB 89.
Entire outline of Australia with hypothetical East Coast. These 2 maps are from the rare "Nouvel Atlas de Marine". All the longitude and latitude lines are joined, creating a graph effect. In sheet 10, Australia is central, the shape being very like Bellin, but pre-dating him with a hypothetical east coast. One sheet 11, New Zealand is center left, based on Tasman's sightings and a hypothetical coastline is attempted for only 1" in each direction. The Solomon Islands are included (misplaced, based on Mendana's discovery in 1567).
No. 49
Brue, A.
Carte de l’Australie.
Paris, 1826/1834. 51x36 cm. Tooley p 37, no 261 .
Insets NSW / Auckland Islands/ division of proposed states of Australia.
No. 50
Brue, A Levasseur.
Carte Generale l’Australie.
Paris, 1870. 52x36.5 cm, color. See Tooley p 115, no 861.
Inset of Auckland & Macquarie Islands, NSW incl. Alexandra Land - in Central Australia, the telegraph line is marked.
 No. 51
Brue, H.
(The Australian sheet from the 4 sheet map "Oceanie ou Cinquieme Partie du Monde") Different caption text mentioning Brue Variant.
(Paris 1814?), 75x49 cm. See Tooley p36, no 248 for the single sheet edition .
"Dediee et presentee a Monsieur. Par tres humble et tres Obeissant serviteur H. Brue Ingenioue-Geographe de SA Royale." Note the different text in dedication to following 4 sheet Brue map.
No. 52
Brue, H.
Carte de l’Oceanie ou Cinquieme Partie du Monde.
Paris., 1822. 86x57 cm, color. Tooley p 37, no 266.
Reduced version of 1814 version, concentrating 4 sheets into 1 very large map. Sheet 29.
No. 53
Brue, H.
Oceanie ou Cinquieme Partie du Monde.
Paris, 1814. 4 charts, each 75x49 cm. See Tooley p 36.
Possibly a proof for the "Atlas Universel". There is less geographical detail, and mis-spelled place names. Sheet 3 dedication to "ASAR Monsieur Comte d’Artois par son tres humble et tres Obeissant serviteur H. Brue". Includes China, Japan, all North & South America, and all of Australia. Brue sailed to Australia with Baudin 1801-03 and the map includes much information from that expedition. Huge scale. The only notes in the interior mark the 1st inland exploration over the Blue Mountains.
No. 54
Buache, Philippe.
Chart of the Antarctic Polar Circle with the Countries Adjoining According to the New Hypothesis of M Buache.
London, 1763. 19x22 cm, b&w. Tooley Antarctic Maps #63.
In this map, the South Pole is shown up to the Tropic of Capricorn, but is extended in one section to include the whole of Australia and New Guinea. Van Diemen's Land is hypothetically joined to Holy Ghost Land and New Guinea, which suggests an east coast to New Holland. Inside the Polar Circle is marked "Land yet discovered" and "Frozen sea as supposed". Hypothetical coastlines according to Ortelius and Koerius are dotted-in as "a land and ice spotted by sailors" and the dates. Superimposed over all is the North Pole, putting forth Buache's "new" hypothesis of the balance of land and sea masses on our globe. From Gentleman's Magazine. Hypothetical Australia & Antarctic continents.
No. 55
Buache, Philippe.
A Physical Planisphere wherein are represented all the Known Lands & Seas, the great chains of mountains which traverse the Globe from North Pole.
London, c 1757. 29x32 cm, b&w. See Tooley p 37 .
Buache's maps attempt to demonstrate his theory that the world was divided into a series of basins, both land and sea, the land basins being based on the principal watercourses of the world and the sea basins on a presumed series of mountain ranges on the sea bed, the exposed points of which were manifested in oceanic islands. The overall perspective is of the world centering on the North Pole, fanning out to include the whole globe. Australia is delineated as per Tasman's discoveries. From Gentleman's Magazine.
No. 56
Buache, Philippe.
Carte Physique de la Grande Mer ci-devant nomme Mer du Sud ou Pacifique. Conjecture sur la Mer Glaciale Antarctique.
Paris, Sept 4th 1754. 44x31.5 cm, orig. full color. Tooley p 38, no 272, plate 14 .
The Pacific with the whole of Australia, inset of Antarctica, hypothetical East Coast of Australia.
No. 57
Buache, Philippe.
Planisphere Physique ou l'on Voit du Pole Septentrional.
Paris, 1757. 44x34 cm, original full color. Tooley p 38, no 274 .
North polar projection, no Torres Straits.
No. 58
Buchanan, E.
East India Island and Australia.
London, 1829. 25x21 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
Australia divided into just New Holland & NSW. Inset colony NSW along 135th parallel.
No. 59
Cosmographia Universalis.
Berlin, 1637. 35x27 cm, b&w. Shirely #142. Not in Tooley .
Hypothetical wood engraved map, of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean, with a West Australian coast which is uncannily accurate. Pre-Tasman.
No. 60
Burney, James.
A Chart of the Discoveries made in the South Sea & Pacific Ocean to 1579 .
London , 1803. 38x26.5 cm. Not in Tooley .
"Terra Australis non dum Cognita." Australia as Great Southern Continent. Drawn for Burney’s history of Pacific voyages. View of Pacific just prior to the European discovery of Australia.
No. 61
Canzler, Frederick.
Karte vom Funften Erdtheil oder Polynaesien.
Nuremburg, 1795. 56.5x44.5 cm, original color. Tooley p 39, no 278.
Australia as "Ulimaroa oder Neu-Holland". Exaggerated East Coast from Cook's discoveries. Uses the Maori name for Australia "Ulimaroa", as told to Cook in New Zealand.
No. 62
Cary, J.
A New Map of Asia.
London, 1806. 52x46 cm, original hand color. Tooley p 40, no 282 .
Centered on New Holland, Kerguelens Land to Arctic Ocean, Europe and Africa to NZ. NSW eastern third.
No. 63
Cassini, G M.
La Nuova Olanda e la Nuova Guinea.
Rome, 1798. 37x50 cm, original outline color. Tooley p 41, no 287.
Trial Rocks very large off WA coast; Endeavour Straits; no Bass Strait. Fancy cartouche.
No. 64
Chapman & Hall.
London, c 1855. 21x29 cm, outline color, woodblock. .
2 half-sheet maps , Western & Eastern sections of Australia. Inset of Australia. NSW northern border equal to SA. Pre-Queensland, ACT Leichhardt route in red.
No. 65
Cluver, Philippe.
India Orientalis Nova.
Leyden, 1661. 11.5x12 cm. Not in Tooley.
Northern two-thirds of Australia. Similar to miniature Speed map.
No. 66
Colton, J B.
New York, 1855. 37x29.5 cm, original hand color. Tooley p 44, no 314 .
Northern border of NSW is an extension of the SA northern border.
No. 67
Colton, J B.
Colton's Australia.
New York, 1865. 39x33 cm, original hand color. Variant of Tooley p 44, no 317 .
NSW/Queensland border shown as present. North Australia stretches into Queensland. Includes expeditions of Grey & Gregory.
No. 68
Colton, J B.
Colton's Australia.
New York, 1865. 39x33 cm, original hand color. Variant of Tooley p 44, no 317 .
NSW/Queensland border shown as present. Northern Territory is now called "North Australia." Includes Stuart’s expedition.
No. 69
Colton, J B.
Colton's Australia.
New York, 1855 (1860). 39x33 cm, color. Tooley p 44, no 316 .
Queensland border an extension of SA, North Aus. above SA. No exploration of 1861 edition.
No. 70
Colton, J B.
Colton's Australia.
New York, 1855 (1861). 39x33 cm, color. Tooley p 44, no 316 .
Queensland border an extension of SA, North Aus. Above SA. Much inland exploration incl. Burke & Wills & Stuart.
No. 71
Colton, J B.
New York, c 1870. 39x33 cm, color.
New counties included in Western Australia.
No. 72
Cook, James.
A Chart of New South Wales MDCCLXX (1770).
London, 1773. 79.5x36.5 cm.
French edition of the long east coast map of Australia, first discovered & charted by Cook.
No. 73
Cook, James.
Carte d’une Partie de la Mer du Sud.
Paris, 1774. 66x35.5 cm. Tooley p 46, no 334 .
Cook’s voyages, French edition.
No. 74
Copperthwaite, T.
The Pacific Ocean including Oceanica.
Pennsylvania, USA, 1850. 40x32 cm, color. Not in Tooley .
Asia - America’s, insets Antarctic (from Wilkes) and Hawaii, pre Queensland, VDL or Tasmania.
No. 75
Oceania designed to Accompany Cornell's High School Geography.
New York, Appleton, 1855. 31.5x25.5 cm. Not in Tooley.
No insets of Hawaii or SE Australia.
 No. 76
Oceania designed to Accompany Cornell's High School Geography.
New York, Appleton, 1856. 31.5x26 cm. Not in Tooley.
"Gulf of Australia" rather than Great Australian Bight.
No. 77
Coronelli, Vincenzo.
(Australian mainland gore).
Venice, 1695. 27x47 cm, later color. Not in Tooley.
The famous Italian map maker and Franciscan, who mastered astronomy, theology, mathematics and geography. In 1666, he produced his first book; his first cartographic venture produced a pair of globes in 1678. His most famous achievement was construction of a pair of 15 foot diameter globes for Louis XIV in 1683. As a correspondent with explorers, scientist and the learned circles of Venice, Paris, Germany and the Netherlands, he gained access to many sources of information. So up-to-date was his information that Dutch map houses made lucrative offers for the use of his notes. Exquisite decorative designs and cartouches make Coronelli's maps as much decorative prints as maps. This is one of the gores, or sections for his globe, including most of the Australian continent, excl. coast of W.A.
No. 78
Coronelli, Vincenzo.
Nuova Guinea (Het Nieuw Hollandt).
Venice, 1696. 23x29 cm on folio sheet. Tooley p 49, no 352.
North coast of Australia, on a folio sheet with text. Very attractive and accurate map of the Dutch discoveries on the north-west Cape to the Gulf of Carpentaria around Weipa. Italian text below the map which is headed "Nuova Guinea". Lovely vignettes of a fanciful "Australian native life" including elephants and deer. One of the most attractive early Australian maps.
No. 79
Coronelli, Vincenzo.
Asia Divisa Nelle Sue Parte.
Venice, 1696. 60x46 cm, restored tear on center fold. Half of Tooley p 48, no 351, plt 22.
One sheet ONLY of two, incl. all Tasman’s discoveries in Australia. From "Atlante Veneto". Highly decorative map.
No. 80
Coronelli, Vincenzo.
Isole dell’ Indie, devise in Filippine.
Venice, 1696?. 45x61 cm. Not in Tooley.
Tasman’s discoveries in North Australia. Focus on SE Asia. Lovely cartouche.
No. 81
Coronelli, Vincenzo.
Mare del Sud Mare Pacifico.
Venice, 1696. 64x45 cm. Tooley p 48, no 350.
Attractive map of the Pacific Ocean extending along the coast of America (California as an island) to Terra del Fuego, across to include Japan and the eastern half of Australia. Tasman's discoveries in VDL and NZ are well documented. The track of Schouten and LeMaires' voyage is shown. Theoretical east coast of New Zealand.
No. 82
Cortambert, E .
Paris, 1856. 47x46.5 cm., color. Tooley p 49, no 355.
Australia with Victoria, inset of Dumont D’Urville’s Antarctic, European colonies.
No. 83
Cruchley, G F.
Australia, New Zealand & Et India Islands.
London, c 1850. 45x35 cm, color. Tooley p 51, no 362 .
Border of SA only. NZ & East India Islands.
No. 84
Dalrymple, A.
Chart of the South Pacifick Ocean.
London, 1767. 50x29 cm, b&w. Tooley p 51, no 365.
Records Tasman's route around Australia. Some worm damage. Dalrymple's popular theory on the Great South Land was proved incorrect by James Cook.
No. 85
Davies, E.
Austral-Asia & the Archipelagoes of the Indian & South Pacific Ocean.
London, c 1840. 25.5x17 cm, outline color. Not in Tooley.
Port Jackson.
No. 86
De Bry, Theodore (Linschoten).
Nova Tabula Insularum Javae, Sumatrae, Borneonis..
Frankfurt, 1598, 1st edition. 42.5x37 cm. Not in Tooley.
A most important foundation map, one of the first detailed European maps to focus on southern Malaysia and the region around present-day Singapore. Published in Theodore De Bry's important collection of "Minor Voyages", it is an important record of the early Dutch voyages to the region which began with Cornelis Houtman's voyage in 1596, for whom Houtman’s Abrohlos in Western Australia is named. Malaysia is labeled "Chersonese Aurea", after its classical myths of riches, and Singapore (de cinca pura) is recorded as the tip of a large island separated from the Malay Peninsular mainland by a long, narrow strait. The northern coast of Java is delineated in detail, with many place names recorded, and the city of "Bantam" at the site where Batavia (Jakarta) would soon be founded. The southern coast of Java is not recorded, leaving it open to speculation as to whether it was the northern coast of the Great Southland, as yet to be discovered. Reference: Mapcollector 9, ill.p.9-10.
No. 87
Djurberg, D, after F.A. Schraembl.
Polynesien.Funfte Welthheil.
Wien, 1789. 71x46.5 cm. Tooley p 58, no 447 .
Australia as "Ulimaroa", full Australia & NZ and tracks of explorers. An Austrian re-issue of the Swedish map by Djurberg, the only change being the translation of some words from the English of the Swedish original into German. With some early marginalia, not unattractive.
No. 88
Doncker, Hendrik.
[Oostdeel van Oost-Iindien].
Amsterdam, 1660. 45x56 cm copy on thin paper without title, map cropped. Tooley p 59, no 451 or T 201, no 21.
Map shows the whole of Australia as known to Tasman, that is, with North Coast inserted, but not Tasmania or New Zealand. Doncker was an important bookseller and publisher of charts and pilot books in Amsterdam.
No. 89
Doncker, Hendrik.
Nieuwe Wassende Graet Kaert van Oost Indien van d c d Bona Esperanca tot t'Lant Eso T'Amsterdam by Hendrick Doncker inde Nieuwenbrug steer int' Steurmans Gereetsckap Met Privelge.
Amsterdam, 1680. 59x51 cm, original color. Not in Tooley or held by the National Library of Australia.
Rare: unrecorded Doncker chart. It appears that Robijn used this plate to print his map of similar design, which is listed as Tooley p. 135, #1008, plt. 86.
No. 90
Dower, J. Teesdale, H.
Colony of New South Wales.
London, 1831. 41.5x34 cm, unfolded, full color. Tooley p 245, no 54 .
Insets of Swan River & Australia.
No. 91
Dower, J.
London, 1850. 26x20.7 cm, outline color.
WA correct; all of the top end of Aus = N. Australia. S.A. does not reach WA. "Australia Felix" for Victoria. Counties of Swan River and NSW. Incl. cross section of physical features.
No. 92
Dower, J.
London, c 1865. 22.5x17 cm, outline color.
Alexandra Land or North Australia, sml. Queensland.
No. 93
Dufour, A.
Nouvelle Hollande ou Australie.
Paris, c 1855. 31x24 cm, color. Tooley p 64, no 488 .
Victorian border follows Lachlan River.
No. 94
Dumont D’Urville.
Carte de la Mer du Corail.
Paris, 1847. 90x60 cm., b&w. Tooley p 66, no 501 .
NE Australia, New Guinea to New Hebrides. French maritime chart.
No. 95
DuVal, Pierre.
Carte des Indes Orientales.
Paris, 1665, 1st edition. 54x39.5 cm, orig. color. Tooley p 203 no 28.
Extremely early printed representation of Tasman's discoveries in Australia. The Indian Ocean with the whole of Australia featured prominently, following the earlier classic maps of Alphen 1660 and Thevenot 1663.
No. 96
DuVal, Pierre.
Carte des Indes Orientales.
Paris, 1677, 2nd edition. 54x39.5 cm, outline color. Tooley p 71, no 538, plt 129.
Extremely early printed representation of Tasman's discoveries in Australia. The Indian Ocean with the whole of Australia featured prominently, following the earlier classic maps of Alphen 1660 and Thevenot 1663.
No. 97
DuVal, Pierre (after Seller).
Terres Antarctique dites autremont Australes et Inconnues.
Paris, 1690?. 10x12 cm, color. Tooley, Antarctic Maps, #32.
Australian North Coast like the old "Beach". Lower coast corrected.
No. 98
Elwe, J.
Partie de la Nouvelle Grande Carte des Indes Orientales.
Amsterdam, 1792. 61x51 cm. Not in Tooley .
North coast Australia, Torres St. with distortion, 3 insets of Indonesian islands.
No. 99
Erhard, F.
Paris, c 1890. 31.5x42 cm, printed color.
WA - Toodjay as "Newcastle".
No. 100
Fairfax & Co.
Map of Australasia.
Melbourne, c 1858. 35x26.5 cm, hand colored.
Bottom two-thirds of Australia, NSW northern border same as SA. Inset of NZ, WA border at 132 deg.
 No. 101
Fenner, R (sculp).
London, c 1820. 14.2x11.5 cm, outline color.
Australia divided in half with northern border adjusted south to include Port Essington into NSW.
No. 102
Freycinet, Louis.
Carte de la Nouvelle Hollande.
Paris, 1815. 29x46.5 cm, later color.
Freycinet was commander of the Goelette & the Casuarina.
No. 103
Freycinet, Louis.
Carte Generale de la Nouvelle Hollande dressee par M L Freycinet Commandant La Goelette, Le Casuarina an 1808.
Paris, 1808. 74x49 cm. Fine eagle cartouche, restored center fold, b&w. Tooley p 82, no 610 & p 222, no 34.
Large and important map of Australia, published after the results of Baudin's expedition, but before the appearance of Flinders' work, which appeared in 1814. As such, this was the first map published showing virtually the entire Australian coastline based on actual charting and not conjecture. Lithograph, handsome French Empire style cartouche of an eagle in flight with trident & banner grasped in his claws.
No. 104
Gall & Inglis.
Gall Inglis' Map of the Asiatic Islands.
Edinburgh, 1850. 55x44 cm . Not in Tooley, see Tooley p 89, no 662 .
New Holland with Australia Felix north to the Murrumbidgee, NSW, SA, WA.
No. 105
Gellatly, J.
East India Islands & Australasia.
Edinburgh, c 1860. 26x20.5 cm, outline color.
WA with incorrect border, centrally located and which would bisect SA. New South Wales includes all of Queensland. Victoria marked.
No. 106
Gilbert, J.
London, c 1858. 28.5x23 cm, color. Tooley p 90, no 666.
Sml. Queensland in as North Australia. East border to SA extended north. Victoria as Aust. Felix.
No. 107
Goos, Pieter.
Pascaerte vande Zuyd-Zee.
Amsterdam, 1666. 44x54 cm, original color. Tooley p 91, no 672.
Map focused on the Pacific Ocean, with California as an island. New Zealand & Tasmania are incomplete. Only the east coast of New Guinea is shown while Japan and the "Land Van Eso" are recognizable. Numerous Pacific islands are shown. Pieter Goos, the most active of the Goos family of mapmakers, issued maritime atlases that were well received by the public, often based on charts by Doncker.
No. 108
Gray, F A.
Gray's New Map of Australia.
Philadelphia, 1898. 42x31 cm, color.
Much inland exploration, NT is north of Alexandra Land.
No. 109
Greenleaf, Jeremiah.
New Holland and New Zealand.
USA, 1842. 27.5x32 cm, orig. color. Not in Tooley.
Australia divided into New Holland and New South Wales.
No. 110
(Hemisphere map untitled, southland called "Antichthones").
Italy, 1739. 19x25 cm, b&w.
Australia as part of Great South Land, Antichthones. Possibly dedicated to Dr. Guilielmo, the patron of the map maker, with his coat of arms top right.
No. 111
Haley, Edm.
A Table of the General Trade-Winds and Monsoons in the Indian and Atlantick Oceans.
London c. 1700, c 1700. 30x18 cm. Not in Tooley.
Atlantic & Indian Oceans, including the West coast of Australia.
No. 112
Hall, Sidney.
Map of the Settlements in New South Wales including all the discoveries yet made both Eastward and Westward of the Blue Mountains.
London, Whitaker, 1824, paper watermarked 1824. 40.5x51.5 cm. Not in Tooley See Tooley p245, no 52 for 1828 edition .
Early detailed map of west of the Blue Mountains. Northern border runs from south of Pt. Denger, down to Cape Howe.
No. 113
Hardy, J.
Projection of Eastern Hemisphere.
London, 1776, March. 21x23.5 cm. Not in Tooley .
Theoretical east coast of Australia. No Australian names, Espiritu Santu attached but unnamed.
No. 114
Hardy, J.
A New Projection of the Eastern Hemisphere.
London, 1776, April 1. 21x22.5 cm. Not in Tooley .
Hypothetical east coast of Australia, no Torres St. Espiritu Santu attached and named "New Holland and New S. Wales".
No. 115
Herbert, I.
London, 1830. 47x41.5 cm, lithograph color. Not in Tooley.
Includes VDL settled part in red, the balance is yellow. Inset of Colony of NSW.
No. 116
Hermanus, Llorens.
Madrid, 1855. 29x20.5 cm, outline color.
In WA, York is placed just north of Albany.
No. 117
Hogg, Alexander.
The World in three sections.
London, c 1790. 42x24 cm. Central strip unraveled, restoration of fold. See Tooley p 97 .
Cook’s Voyages. North & South polar protection.
No. 118
Hondius, Henrick.
India quae Orientalis dicitur, et Insulae Adiacentes.
Amsterdam, 1649. 49.5x39.5 cm, original color. Tooley p 98, no 724.
1st published in 1633, this is one the 1st charts to correctly locate the Australian coasts. It closely resembles the Blaeu map of 1635. The west coast of Carpentaria is as charted by Jan Carstensz in 1623. On the west coast of Australia, the discoveries by Dirk Hartog in the Eendracht 1616 and De Wits are the only coastal detail given. Attractively adorned with rhumb lines, compass roses, ships and sea monsters. Latin text on verso.
No. 119
Hunter, John.
Chart of the Coast between Botany Bay and Broken Bay Surveyed in 1788 & 89.
London, 1792. 73x40.5 cm. Tooley p 100, no 742 .
Depth soundings of harbors. 1st map of the 1st settled district of Australia.
No. 120
Hunter, John.
Chart shewing the Track of the Waaksamhey'd Transport from Port Jackson New South Wales to Batavia 1792.
London, 1792. 24.5x22 cm. Tooley p 150, no 1210 .
Transport from Port Jackson NSW to Batavia. Australia projection is transposed. (upside-down)
No. 121
Geographica Oceania Tempi Moderni.
Italy, c 1820. 28.5x42 cm, each map 9x12cm, outline color.
4 maps on 1 sheet, Micronesia, Polinesia, Melanesia, Malesia. Australia, SE Asia, Polynesia and Micronesia.
No. 122
Jansson, Jan.
Mar di India.
Amsterdam, 1650. 44x54 cm, color. Split lower center fold, sml loss 3 spots. Tooley p 101, no 747 pl. 125.
Pre Tasman. Important pre-Tasman chart showing all Dutch discoveries prior to Tasman's 1642-44 expedition. The map covers an area from the Cape of Good Hope to Japan. Parts of the West and South coasts of Australia and Carpentaria that is Australia as it was known prior to Tasman's discoveries. Beautiful cartouche in central lower margin.
No. 123
Jansson, Jan.
Polus Antarcticus.
Amsterdam, 1650. 49x43.5 cm, color. Tooley p 101, no 750, plt 124.
South Polar projection, vignettes around edge. Australia shown pre-Tasman. All of the Southern Hemisphere to the Tropic of Capricorn. Australia's western & southern coasts are well plotted, but do not include Tasman's discoveries of 1642. In this edition, a title label covers where New Zealand would appear in the later issue. Very attractive, with scenes of native outrigger canoe & a penguin.
No. 124
Jansson, Jan.
(Polus Antarcticus).
Amsterdam, c 1680. 49x43 cm, b&w. Tooley p 102, no 751 .
South Polar projection, vignettes at edge. First to include Tasman's discoveries of 1642 - therefore VDL & NZ are included. No text on verso, issued by De Witt.
 No. 125
Jeffreys, Thomas.
The East Indies.
London, c 1750. 25.5x23 cm. Not in Tooley .
India, Japan & Land Holy Ghost, and north coast of Australia attached to Land of Holy Ghost. Theoretical east coast is dotted in. Carpentaria is drawn in but does not join NG. Anson's voyage marked.
 No. 126
Jeffries (?).
A Curious Map of some late Discoveries in the Terra Australia Comprehending New Guinea & New Britain.
London, 1763. 18.5x11 cm. See Tooley p 75 .
North coast Australia, no east coast (pre-Cook) but has Torres Straits.
No. 127
Johnson & Browning.
Johnson's Australia.
New York, c 1856. 40x34 cm, original color.
Sturt's furthest north is recorded; WA with 26 counties.
No. 128
Johnson & Ward.
Johnson's Australia.
New York, c 1857. 40x34 cm, original color.
Sturt's furthest north is recorded; WA with 26 counties.
No. 129
Johnson & Ward.
New York, c 1870. 40x34 cm, original color.
M. McDouall Stuart, Burke & Wills, much detail marked in the interior. North Australia instead of Northern Territory.
No. 130
Johnston, W & AK.
Edinburgh, 1845. 60x50 cm, outline color. Tooley p 102, no 755.
The whole of Australia, marking NSW (19 counties), North Australia, Western Australia (23 counties), South Australia and unexplored territory. Various references to inland explorers. Large Lake Torrens. Victoria as Australia Felix, SA, Port Philip.
No. 131
Johnston, W & AK.
Edinburgh, 1848. 61x49 cm, color. Tooley p 102, no 756.
Same as 1845 edition but with expedition to Lake Torrens recorded and Victoria River corrected.
No. 132
Johnston, W & AK.
Edinburgh, 1880. 61x49 cm, color. See Tooley p 103, no 758.
Giles, Warburton & Forrest expeditions recorded.
No. 133
Johnston, W & AK.
Edinburgh, 1860. 57.5x44.5 cm, outline color. Tooley p 104, no 770.
Insets WA, Tasmania & New Zealand. Expeditions of Roe & Gregory recorded.
No. 134
Johnston, W & AK.
Edinburgh, 1870. 42.5x32.5 cm, outline color. Tooley p 104, no 771.
Considerably revised. Queensland named, Burke's route added.
No. 135
Johnston, W & AK.
Edinburgh, 1880. 57.5x44.5 cm, outline color. See Tooley no 772.
Explorations of Giles, Forrest & Warburton recorded.
No. 136
Carte des Routes des l'Ocean Indien.
Paris, c 1840. 39.5x20.5 cm, b&w.
Voyage routes in Indian Ocean and around Australia.
No. 137
Ubersichtskarte der Entdeckungsreisen auf dem Australischen Continent.
Berlin, c 1865. 37x31.5 cm, color. See Tooley p 107.
Expeditions marked in color include Dempster 1861 WA; Stuart 1863 NT; Gregory 1856 Queensland.
No. 138
Kincaid, T.
New Holland and the adjacent islands agreeable to the latest discoveries.
London, 1790. 18.5x23.5 cm. Tooley p 107, no 800.
Decorative small map centered on New Holland, drawing from early Dutch discoveries on the west coast and Capt. Cook's discoveries on the east coast and NZ. Inset of "A Sketch of Port Jackson" bottom left. This is one of the earliest representations of the Sydney Cove settlement, the first appearing in 1789 (R. Cribbs, Map of Settlement, Tooley p. 236.).
No. 139
King, P Parker.
Chart of the North coast of Australia by Phillip P King 1818-21 .
London, 1825 with updates to 1876. 85x54.5 cm. Tooley p 108, no 804.
Admiralty chart, Sheet IV, with add. by Wickham & Stokes, etc. Gulf of Carpentaria to Cape Bay.
No. 140
Knight, C.
The British Possessions in Austral Asia..
London, c1860. 2 sheets , each 15x23.5 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
Victoria border along the Murrumbidgee River.
No. 141
L’Isle, G De.
Hemisphere Meridional pour voir terres Australes.
Paris, 1714. 45.5x45.5 cm, outline color. Tooley p 106, no 1518.
Pre-Cook chart of Australia.
No. 142
La Perouse, J.
Carte d’une partie du Grand Ocean. Nouvelle Guinee 1781.
Paris, 1790. 34x49.5 cm, outline color. Tooley p 111, no 835.
La Perouse routes with Sydney as the last port of call.
No. 143
La Perouse, J.
Chart of the Great Pacific Ocean or South Sea.
London, 1798. 48x35 cm, b&w.
Voyage of the Boussole & Astrolabe 1785-88.
No. 144
La Perouse, J.
Chart of the World showing the Route of La Perouse.
London, 1798. 62xs36 cm, b&w.
Tracks of La Perouse and M. Lesseps, ending at Botany Bay.
No. 145
Carte Reduite de la Mer des Indes et d'une partie de celle du Sud pour la Relation du Voyage a la Recherche de la Perouse.
Paris, c 1799. 71.5x48 cm. Tooley p 21, no 139 under "Barbie du Bocage".
Whole Indian Ocean and western one-third of the Pacific.
No. 146
Lapie, P. Tardieu.
Oceanique Centrale.
Paris, 1809. 30x22 cm, outline color. Tooley p 112, no 843, plt 68 .
Centered on the whole continent of Aus. Vignette of aborigine, bark canoe, wombat & numbat. Australia titled "Nouvelle Hollande".
No. 147
Lapie, P. Tardieu.
Oceanie ou Australasie et Polynesie.
Paris, 1816. 30x22.5cm, outline color. Tooley no 837.
Includes Geographe Bay & Sandwich Islands.
No. 148
Lapie, P.
Carte de l’Oceanie.
Paris, 1841. 55x40 cm, color. Tooley p 113, no 850 .
Notasie or New Holland. All SE Asia & much of the Pacific.
No. 149
Laurie & Whittle.
A New Chart of the Eastern Coast of New Holland.
London, 1798. 69x103 cm, b&w. This earlier edition not in Tooley See Tooley p 114, no 855 for 1799 edition.
Important large chart, with a conjectural coast of Van Diemen’s Land and no Bass Strait drawn. 6 insets. Most interesting lack of detail on Bass Strait. The 1799 edition includes details about Bass Strait.
No. 150
Laurie & Whittle.
A New Chart of the Eastern Coast of New Holland...1773.
London, 1798. 69x103 cm, b&w. Tooley p 114, no 855 .
Insets of Endeavour River, Botany Bay, Port Jackson, Cape Tribulation to Endeavour Straits, VDL, Adventure Bay & Sidney Cove. Bass Strait is now delineated, north and west coast of Tasmania correctly drawn. This has to be one of the first printed charts to correctly draw Bass Straits, based on Bass’s voyage in the Tom Thumb. Tooley notes, "George Bass sailed to Western Port in 1797-8. In October 1798 Bass and Flinders began their voyage in which they circumnavigated Tasmania, and did not return to Sydney till the beginning of 1799. The map was obviously constructed earlier and altered when the discoveries of Bass became known."
 No. 151
Laurie & Whittle.
The Eastern or Ancient Hemisphere.
London, c 1813. 59x60 cm, original color, chipped at edge. See Tooley p 113 .
Australia divided in half as New Holland & NSW.
No. 152
Paris, c 1890. 26x19 cm, printed color.
Includes train tracks.
No. 153
Carte de la Melanisie ou Nouvelle Hollande.
Paris, 1836. 30x22 cm, outline color.
Inland along Lachlan River
No. 154
Paris, 1852. 42.5x29 cm, outline color. Tooley no 859, plt 70.
No. 155
Lindner, F L.
Karte von Neu Holland.
Berlin, c 1830. 42x34 cm, outline color. Tooley p 115, no 862, plt 71.
Most of S.E. Australia as Napolean's Land.
No. 156
Lizars, W&D.
Tracks of Anson, Byron Wallis & Carteret with Cook in 1769.
Edinburgh, 1814. 36x20 cm, b&w. See Tooley p 115.
No. 157
Lizars, W&D.
Edinburgh, c 1840. 48.5x41.5 cm. Tooley p 115, no 864 .
Only SA marked, insets of NSW & VDL, Australia Felix. New Holland to 140 deg., Macquarie Harbor Tasmania exaggerated.
No. 158
Magini, G A.
Ptolemaei Typus.
Venice, 1598. 13.5x17.5 cm, engraved on leaf with text. Shirley World Map 193.
Ptolemy world with a land-locked Indian Ocean, after Reisch's world map of 1504.
No. 159
La Nuova Galles del Sud Australia Sud es la Diemenia e La Nuova Zeland Polinesia.
Italy, c 1840. 34x27 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
SE Australia & VDL, NZ, after Strzelecki.
No. 160
Nouvelle Guinee et Carpenterie.
Amsterdam, 1686. 10x14 cm, b&w. See Tooley p 119 Dutch edition.
Early Australian north coast with no Torres Straits.
No. 161
Du Globe Terrestre Ancien Continent (&) Nouveau Continent.
Paris, 1686. 10x14 cm each, 2 sheets.
2 sheets, divided into "Nouveau Continent" and "Ancien Continent". Tasman's Australia depicted as "Terres Incognues", lacking a northern coast.
No. 162
Malte-Brun, Thierry.
Carte de l’Oceanie.
Paris, 1833. 43x30 cm. See Tooley p 119, no 888 for later edition .
Macquarie & Lachlan rivers are only inland detail.
No. 163
Carte de la Melanesie ou Nouvelle Hollande.
Paris., 1837. 30x22 cm. Tooley p 119, no 891.
Australia named "Nouvelle Hollande ou Australie".
No. 164
Mariette, Pierre.
Carte Generale des Indes Orientales.
Paris, 1646?. 38x47 cm. Tooley p 120, no 892.
Shows pre-Tasman Carpentaria & NW tip of Australia.
No. 165
Carte Generale et Politique de l'Asie.
Paris, 1819. 43x32.5 cm, outline color. Tooley p 121, no 899.
Unusual projection.
No. 166
Menzies, J.
London, c 1810. 51x46 cm, original color. Not in Tooley .
Italy, Africa to Central Pacific, incl. Kerguelens Island. Tasmania separated, no inland exploration.
No. 167
Mercator, Gerhardt. (Hondius).
Amsterdam, c 1631. 19.5x15 cm, b&w.
Unusual projection, the Arctic to the North coast of Java & New Guinea.
No. 168
Mercator, Gerhardt. (Hondius).
Insulae Indiae Orientalis.
Amsterdam, 1635. 14x19.5 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
From "Atlas Minor" english edition. No south coast of New Guinea.
No. 169
Merian, M.
India Orientalis et Insulae Adiecentes.
Zurich, 1646. 27.5x35 cm, b&w. Tooley p 121, no 900.
Pre-Tasman Australia.
No. 170
Asiatischer Archipel und Neu Holland 1849.
Germany, 1849. 26.5x20.5 cm, outline color.
Insets of Swan River Colony & NSW. Australian coast divided into ownership by England, Spain, Dutch and Portuguese, denoted by color.
No. 171
Physikalische Karte vom Indischen Meere.
Germany, 1880. 25.20.5 cm.
Indian Ocean winds & currents.
No. 172
Moll, Herman .
(Winds Around the Equator).
London, 1709. 46.5x14.5 cm, modern color. Not in Tooley.
Top half of New Holland from America to Africa, & Australia.
No. 173
Moll, Herman .
A Map of the World Shewing the Course of Mr Dampiers Voyage round it from 1679-1691.
London, c 1697. 29.5x16 cm, modern hand color. Not in Tooley .
Important and decorative map. California depicted as an island. Dampier was one of the first Englishmen on the Australian continent.
No. 174
Moll, Herman .
A View of the General Trade Winds and Monsoons or Shifting Trade Winds.
London, c 1700. 27.5x14.5 cm. Not in Tooley.
Mercator projection of the Eastern Hemisphere from 40 deg. N to 40 deg. S. Includes western three-quarters of Australia, no VDL or Cape York Peninsula.
No. 175
Moll, Herman .
A View of Ye General & Coasting Trade Winds through ye World .
London, c 1717. 52.5x18.5 cm. See Tooley p 122 .
50' north & south of equator. Very early English chart of Australia.
 No. 176
Moll, Herman .
(Double hemisphere map).
London, c 1720. 28x14.5 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
California as an island, no east coast of Australia, winds shown.
No. 177
Moll, Herman .
New Guinea, New Britain & New Holland & c.
London, 1717. 18x13 cm. Tooley p 122, no 908 .
One of the 1st maps devoted to the continent of Australia in English.
No. 178
Monin, C V.
Paris, 1835. 65x46 cm. Tooley p 123, no 911.
Table of variant names of islands. Inset of WA & SE Australia; Victoria as "Terre de Grant". Early Guildford, W.A.
No. 179
Montanus, Benito.
Sacrae Geographiae Tabulam.
Amsterdam, 1571. 53.5x32 cm, hebrew symbols. Shirley 125 .
Double hemisphere, no South Land but with no South coast of Java. The earliest map to show Australia in a shape & location approximating it's actual state, published 30 years prior to recorded European discoveries. This map is offered as proof that the Spanish sighted Australia, as the Polyglot Bible (from whence it came) was partially funded by Philip of Spain. Map shows the populating of the earth by Noah's offspring. Between 500-920 copies were ever printed.
No. 180
Chart of the New Discoveries East of New Holland & New Guinea.
Philadelphia, 1797. 24.5x17 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley .
Australia’s eastern half and Western Pacific. No south coast of Australia.
No. 181
Mortier, Pierre.
Carte des costes de l’Asie sur l’Ocean.
Amsterdam, 1700. 86.5x58 cm, outline color . Not in Tooley, see p 209.
From "Le Neptune Francais". Australia & Papua NG separated. Large scale with great detail.
No. 182
Mortier, Pierre.
Partie orientale du Monde qui contiennent l’Europe, l’Asie et l’Afrique.
Amsterdam, c 1700. 50.5x59 cm, original outline color. Not in Tooley .
Eastern Hemisphere including all of Australia discovered to that date, rather distorted.
No. 183
Munster, Sebastian.
La Table de la region orientale, comprenant les derniers terres, & royaumes d’Asie.
Basle, 1540. 25x34 cm, several worm holes.
Woodblock engraving. No Great South Land - area is filled with a mermaid & a large fish.
No. 184
Nicolosi, J B.
Continentem Dudum Notam Componebat.
Amsterdam., c 1653. 42x43 cm, b&w. See Tooley p xi & xii .
Australia as "Beache", 2 North coasts, Nuyts Land to VDL is depicted correctly.
No. 185
Geneva, 1863. 37x31cm, printed color.
WA- Busselton called "Yelverton", Beverly called "Yourakine". Northern Territory called "Alexandra".
No. 186
Olivier & Boyd.
Australasia and Polynesia.
Edinburgh, 1824. 22x18.5 cm.
No. 187
Ortelius, Abraham.
Indiae Orientalis Insularum que Adiacientium typus.
Antwerp, 1570. 50.5 x 35 cm, original color. Tooley p. 126, no 937; Clancy p.71. Original colors muted, good condition with bleed through of green indicated age. Several small holes in margins, one in cartouche. .
The most important map of South East Asia, covering from India to North America. A exaggerated New Guinea appears at the lower right corner with a note questioning whether it is an island or part of a Southern Continent. Java appears with a south coast delineated. Below Java, there is an incongruous island named "Beach pars Continentis Australis". The name "Beach" comes from Marco Polo's journal of his travels. Decorative mermaids, whales, etc. in the oceans.
No. 188
Ortelius, Abraham.
Maris Pacifici.
Antwerp, 1589, 1st edition. 34.5x50 cm, orig. color. Tooley p 126, no 937.

The first map of the Pacific Ocean by the producer of the first modern uniform atlas of the world.

Map published in Antwerp, 1589. Ortelius's atlas, "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" was "the first true atlas in the modern sense of the term, being a set of uniformly produced and methodically organized maps of all parts of the world based strictly on current knowledge...first published in 1570, it was commercially successful and continued to be updated and enlarged through its final editions of 1612... Most of the atlas' significant maps were not present in its original form, however, but were added during the course of its forty-two year evolution, demonstrating that Ortelius also possessed the courage and initiative to use fresh data to chart regions which were still poorly understood. A prime example of this is his map of the Pacific, which was engraved in 1589 and first included in the atlas in 1590. This is the first printed map specifically devoted to the Pacific Ocean." Suarez, "Shedding the Veil", p. 110-111. Ortelius radically revised the northwest coast of America, the California peninsula and the contour of the west coast of South America. He makes differentiates between "North" and "South" America. The name "Califormia" (sic) appears, though designating only the peninsular region. New Guinea is now boldly depicted as an island, and the large islands off its' coast are the Solomons. The Antarctic land mass has not yet been discovered, but is theorized. The map shows a large land mass rising from the bottom edge, entitled "Terra Australis, Sive Magellanica, Non-dum Detecta." At the extreme right corner, opposite the tip of S. America is "Tierra del Fuego", listing the names of C. di S. Thomas, C. de Camaron, C. del bon defseo, C. Defseado on its coast. Copper plate engraving with early hand color, 34.5 x 49.5 cms. Small circular transfer near fold in border at bottom edge. The green color has migrated through to the back of the map, consistent with early color. Small restoration to margin of lower centerfold, not affecting the map. Embossed private library stamp in extreme lower corner. Overall a very nice copy of a highly important of the first chart of the Pacific Ocean. Burden, The Mapping of North America, 74.

No. 189
Pellett, Master (Mids).
Australasia New Zealand, East India Islands & c & c.
London, 1863. 45x36 cm, outline color.
Printed outline of Australian coast with manuscript details added. Early Australian crest with kangaroo & emu at top. Victoria noted but not delineated. A teaching aid for this Midshipman. Outline & wash color.
No. 190
Perthes, J. (Oxley).
Das Innere Von Neu Sud Wales nach John Oxley 1822.
Gotha, 1828. 37x28.5 cm, color. Tooley p 127, no 944 No fold.
First inland explorations noted.
No. 191
Perthes, J Stulpnagel, E.
Festland von Australien.
Gotha, 1841. 40x32 cm, color. Tooley p 128, no 949 .
No border, Australia Felix, incl. NZ & New Guinea. Stieler’s Hand Atlas. 26 counties in WA, 18 counties in NSW, 9 counties in VDL.
No. 192
Petermann, A.
Australia and New Zealand.
Edinburgh, Fullarton, c 1853. 52x41 cm. Tooley p128, no 950 .
Insets of NSW, Goldfields of Mt. Alexander & Victoria.
No. 193
Petermann, A.
Australia and New Zealand.
Edinburgh, Fullarton, c 1853. 52x41 cm, gold regions highlighted in gold. Tooley p128, no 950 .
Insets of NSW, Goldfields of Mt. Alexander & Victoria, variant with color on gold fields.
No. 194
Petermann, A.
Gotha, c 1880. 40.5x32.5 cm, color.
Inset of Sydney & Port Jackson, much inland exploration with Alexandra Land.
No. 195
Petermann, A.
Specialkarte von Australien.
Gotha, 1871. 8 sheets, each 60x24.5 cm, printed color. Not in Tooley - rare.
8 sheets making up the full Australian continent. Much detailed inland exploration with descriptions of the country traversed. One sheet not pictured.
No. 196
Philadelphia, 1856. 63x52 cm, color. Tooley p 130, no 965 .
Magnus Atlas. NSW north border is an extension of SA. SA border does not reach to WA. Vic. as Aus. Felix with no border.
No. 197
Islands of the Pacific Ocean.
Philadelphia, 1850. 60x51 cm. Not in Tooley .
NE Australia, 2 insets Hawaii & 2 insets of Tahiti.
No. 198
Pinkerton, J.
London, 1813. 70x50 cm. Tooley p 131, no 979.
Australia is called New Holland, with NSW close to the eastern coast. No inland detail is given except for a few mountains in the east. Some coastal features exaggerated with Spencer Gulf extending too far inland. Very decorative with period wash color over land mass. New Guinea, New Holland & New Zealand.
No. 199
Poirson, J B.
Carte Reduite de la Mer des Indes.
Paris, 1808. 47x36 cm, outline color. Tooley p 132, no 987.
Possibly the earliest map to show Baudin's explorations, which are marked on the SE coast but not Flinders (no Spencers Gulf). King & Kangaroo Island distorted.
No. 200
Poracchi, Tomaso.
Descrittione del mappamondo.
Venice, 1590. 11x14.5 cm, map on text leaf. Not in Tooley.
Small world map, Great South Land. Australia is part of Antarctica. Pre European discovery.
 No. 201
Poracchi, Tomaso.
India Orientalis.
Venice, 1590. 13.5x18 cm, map on text leaf. Not in Tooley.
Tip of northern Australia called "Beach".
No. 202
Italy, 1599. 19x25 cm. Not in Tooley.
Italian edition of Mercator's Asia Minor map. North coast of Terra Australis with separation from NG.
No. 203
Proeschel, F.
(Map of North Australia).
Sydney, 1863. 103x83 cm, foxing, similar title label on outside of map to no. 155. Tooley p XIV, from "Atlas of Aus-tralasia".
Shows explorers’ routes in great detail. A scarce and important Australian-published map, one that Tooley "never came across while forming my collection."
No. 204
Ram, J, De.
De Nova Totius Asiae Tabula.
Amsterdam, 1690?. 45x56 cm, color. Tooley p 181, no 1473.
No. 205
Rand McNally.
Australia New Zealand.
Chicago, 1887. 50.5x32.5 cm, color.
Insets of Sydney, Tasmania & New Zealand. "New State of Arnhem Land" in the far north of Queensland which is "provisionally under the government of South Australia". On the verso is illustration of the Sudan war.
No. 206
Rapkin, J.
London, 1855. 31x25 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
Uses Tallis plate with no vignettes, thin paper.
No. 207
Italy, 1598. 17.5x13 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
From Arctic to top of Great South Land. Wood engraved. No text on verso.
No. 208
Italy, 1546. 9x13 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
Wood engraved. North Russia to Java with no south coast. "Luchach" recorded, as per Marco Polo. Gulf of Bengal on left, China Sea on right.
No. 209
Ruscelli, Giralamo.
Orbis descriptio.
Venice, 1561. 12.5x25 cm. Shirley 110.
Double hemisphere map, south coast of Java left to the imagination.
No. 210
Ruscelli, Giralamo.
India Tercera Nuova Tavola.
Venice, 1574. 18x25 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
From Arctic to top of Great South Land. Wood engraved.
No. 211
Russell, J.
London, c 1810. 15.5x12 cm. Not in Tooley .
No south coast (dotted-in), VDL separate.
No. 212
Sanson, Pierre Moullart.
Hemisphere Oriental du Globe Terrestre.
Paris, 1697. 21x25.5 cm, latitudes colored. Shirley pl 409, entry 592 .
Reverse oriental hemisphere with the western two-thirds of Australia. The world is intended to be shown as if envisaged from an internal view point.
No. 213
Scherer, Heinrich.
Asia Multis in Locis Dei Matrem..
Munich, c 1700. 23x35.5 cm, b&w. Not in Tooley.
No. 214
Scherer, Heinrich.
Insularum Indicaru & Terre Australie.
Munich, c 1700. 18.5x23 cm, modern color. Not in Tooley.
North coast of Australia to Tropic of Capricorn.
No. 215
Scherer, Heinrich.
Representatio totius orbis terra quei cuius partes religionis catholicae.
Munich, c 1700. 23.5x35 cm. Not in Tooley.
Carpentaria attached to NG; California as an island.
No. 216
Schraembl,F. A. (Roberts, H).
General Karte sommtlicher Entdekungen auf den drei grossen Weltreisen as Kapit. Jakob Cook. Verfasst von Herrn Heinrich Roberts, Lieut. F. A. Schraembl.
Wien, 1789. 2 sheets, each 44.5x53.5 cm, color. Not in Tooley .
World chart with 3 voyages of Cook..
No. 217
Seller, John.
Chart of Ye East Most Part of the East Indies.
London, c 1670. 14.5x12 cm, miniature, modern color. Tooley p 143, no 1134 .
The map shows Nova Holandia from Cape York round the west coast to the head of Nuytes Land, in a projection that is turned 90 deg. counter-clockwise. As Hydrographer to the King, Seller was responsible for the production of numerous sea charts, and breaking the Dutch monopoly on their production. On the whole, Seller catered to the needs of English seaman, and so produced large accurate charts. Very scarce. Decorative cartouche & scale.
No. 218
Seller, John.
Terra Antarctica.
London, 1670. 10x11.5 cm. Tooley Antarctic Maps #32.
No east coast of Australia but Tasmania attached to New Holland.
No. 219
Seutter, Mattheus.
India Orientalis cum adjacentibus Insulis nova delineatiore.
Augsburg, 1730?. 49x57 cm, color. Tooley p 143, no 1136.
Map of the East Indies with Australia shown from west coast to Gulf of Carpentaria. Relief shown pictorially. 22 names are noted on the North coast of Australia, with a notation on the west coast of Australia And. Silbereisen. sc. 30. Elaborate pictorial cartouche with Neptune, people, cherubs and animals. Attractive color. Carpentaria attached to NG.
No. 220
Seyfried, Johann.
Tabula Geographico Hydrographica Motus Oceani Currentes in Universo Orbe indicans.
Sulzbach, 1679. 25x34.5 cm. Shirley no 488, plate 355.
From "Medula Mirabiliuum Naturae". "Terra Australis Incognita". With North and South Polar projections, California as an island.
No. 221
Smyth, E Brough.
General Map of Australia Shewing Routes of the Explorers.
Melbourne, 1861 Nov 23rd. 78x57.5 cm, b&w lithograph. See Tooley p 324, no 256 for later edition.
Includes Burke & Wills, along with Stuart's furthest north 1860.
No. 222
Stanford, Edward.
The Australian Colonies.
London, c 1865. 69x39 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
Queensland marked incorrectly; SA & WA are not contiguous.
No. 223
Stanford, Edward. Cox.
The Australian Colonies.
London, 1853, Nov. 15. 69x39 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
In WA, "Victoria" marked north of Swan River.
No. 224
Stanford, Edward.
The Australian Colonies.
London, 1876. 68.5x39.5 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
Queensland border correct, much inland exploration.
No. 225
Stokes, John Lort.
Australia East Coast Sheet 1 Cape Howe to Barriga Point.
London, 1851. 48x64 cm, b&w. Tooley p 3, no2 .
Cape Howe to Barriga Point. Updated to 1865. Admiralty Chart from British Hydrographic Office.
 No. 226
Stokes, John Lort.
Australia East Coast Sheet 2 Barriga Point to Jervis Bay.
London, 1851 (1865). 48x64 cm. Tooley p 3, no 3 .
Barrow Point to Jervis Bay. Updated to 1865. b&w. Manuscript chart on verso of S. Africa, from False Bay round the South Coast. Admiralty Chart from British Hydrographic Office.
No. 227
Stokes, John Lort.
Australia East Coast Sheet 3 Jervis Bay to Broken Bay.
London, 1851 (1865). 48x64 cm, b&w. Tooley p 3, no 4 .
Jervis Bay to Broken Bay. Updated to 1865. Admiralty Chart from British Hydrographic Office.
No. 228
Stokes, John Lort.
Bass Strait Surveyed by J.L. Stokes.
London, 1843. 95x63 cm. Tooley p 346, no 415 .
Early Melbourne marked. Inset of entrance to Port Phillip, Flinders Island, George Town, Port Dalrymple (Launceston). Smoke mark on right side & tear, o/w good+. Admiralty chart, updated to 1851.
No. 229
Tallis, John.
London, 1851, 1st edition. 32x26 cm, outline color. Tooley p 152, no 1216.
1st edition, which does not include Victoria. Boundaries of SA & WA are marked but are not contiguous. NSW & Australia Felix cover most of the east coast. 19 counties in NSW are named in two keys centered on the sheet. WA is divided into 26 counties and explorers tracks include Leichhardt, Sturt & Mitchell.
No. 230
Tallis, John.
London, 1851, 2nd edition. 32x26 cm, outline color, vignette & title modern color. Tooley p 152, no 1217.
1st Australian map to include Victoria as a state with 24 counties marked. NSW now has 46 counties. More explorer routes, including Kennedy & Eyre.
No. 231
Tallis, John.
London, 1852, 3rd edition. 32x26 cm, outline color. Tooley p 152, no 1219.
First Tallis to feature gold discoveries. Extends the SA border to meet that of WA, and for the first time defines the North Australian border.
No. 232
Tallis, John.
London, 1853, 4th edition. 32x26 cm, outline color. Vignette modern color. Tooley p 152, no 1220.
Australia with gold areas marked & more counties - NSW with 64 counties.
No. 233
Tardieu, Ambroise.
Carte de l'Oceanie ou Cinquieme Partie du Monde.
Paris, 1821. 40.5x55 cm, outline color.
Nouvelle Hollande ou Notasie. Geographe Bay and Swan River recorded.
No. 234
Thevenot, Melchisedec.
Terre Australe Decouverte l’An 1644 or Hollandia Nova Detecta 1644.
Paris, 1672. 54x37.5 cm. Tooley p 156, no 1248.
This map is of the greatest importance to Australia. It was the first map devoted solely to Australia to be printed between Tasman's discoveries and the mid-18th century (it was the prototype of Bowen's map of the Southern Continent, 1744) and most probably the map which brought to the world the first suggestion of the shape and location of the new fifth continent discovered by the Dutch. There are five different states of this important map, this being the third state, identified by the inclusion of the Tropic of Capricorn; rhumb lines; the correction of the 4th degree of latitude; and the fact that Tasman's tracks are omitted.
No. 235
Valentyn, F. (J van Braam).

Kaart van de Zuyd-Ooster a Eylanden van Banda J van Braam en G onder de Linden.
Amsterdam, 1724-6. 45.5x55.5 cm. Tooley p 158, no 1269.
Only the North coast of Australia is shown, showing the Northern Territory and coast in great detail. NG & Papua to north, along with Indonesian islands, including the Banda & Arafura Sea areas. From Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien. Valentyn's extensive account of the Dutch explorations and settlements in the East is illustrated with views, portraits and prints of local scenes and fauna and flora as well as maps. (Shirley) This map is based on Tasman's second voyage of 1644. 'Van Diemens Land' as shown on the map represents Melville Island and just to the east is 'Wit Water' or Dundas Strait.
No. 236
Vaugondy, R.
Reduced Chart of Australasia.
London, 1756. 29.5x24 cm. Not in Tooley, see Tooley p294, no 72 for the french edition .
English version of the Bellin chart of the Australian continent with Tasman’s discoveries and the hypothetical east coast. Long tear across bottom third of map.
No. 237
Vignola, G. Cantelli da.
Isole Dell India Cioe le Molucche Le Filippine e della Sonda parte de Paesi di Nuova Scoperta e Isole de Ladri nel Mare Del Zud.1683.
Italy, 1683. 58x44.5 cm. Tooley p 206, no 46.
Top third of Australia is shown along the bottom third of the map, from Carpentaria to the Trial Islands. The old Marco Polo names of "Beach" & Luchach" are retained along the northwest coast. Terra di Papous is separated from Nuova Guinea. Sml. split on lower centerfold expertly repaired.
No. 238
Visscher, Nicolas.
Indiae Orientalis nec non insularum adiacentium.
Amsterdam, 1670. 46.5x58 cm, color. Tooley p 161, no 1300.
Beautifully hand colored map of the East Indies, extending from India to New Guinea. The map leaves the question of Torres Straits unanswered and shows the northern half of Australia with features named by Tasman. Lower left features an allegorical cartouche with a splendid Compass rose above.
No. 239
Von Euler.
Tabula Geographica Hemisphaerii Australis.
Berlin, 1753. 30.5 cm diam. Not in Tooley.
Prussian Royal Academy of Science & Literature. NG part of Carpentaria and attached Espiritu Santu.
No. 240
Vuillemin, A.
Nouvelle Carte Illustree L’Oceanie Geographie Commerciale et Industrielle.
Paris, c 1851. 84x60 cm, color. Tooley p 161, no 1307 .
16 colored illustrations at edge, insets of Victoria, Antarctic & Marquesa Islands. Japan in the north, Antarctic coast in the south.
No. 241
Walker, J&C.
British Possessions in Africa & Australasia.
London, 1835. 91x32 cm. Not in Tooley.
Australia as Terra Australis, inset Falkland Islands, St. Helena. Africa, Australia, NZ. "Interior totally unknown" printed in center of Aus. Damage left border.
No. 242
Walker, J&C.
Australia in 1833.
London, 1834. 40x31 cm, outline color. See Tooley p 144, no 1145.
No. 243
Walker, J&C.
Australia in 1839.
London, 1840. 40x31 cm, outline color. Tooley p 144, no 1145 .
South Australia is the only colony with marked borders.
No. 244
Walker, J&C.
Australia in 1853.
London, 1854. 40x31 cm, outline color. See Tooley p 144, no 1145.
No. 245
Weller, Edward.
Australia & New Zealand.
Edinburgh, c1862. 50.5x33 cm. Tooley p 163, no 1317 .
No western border to Queensland, gap between SA & WA borders.
No. 246
Weller, Edward.
Australia and New Zealand.
Edinburgh, c 1865. 50.5x33 cm. See Tooley p 31, no 213 .
Variant. SA border is correct, North Australia & Queensland are separated. Stuart, Burke & Wills and others, N. Aus. Expeditions. Inset Torres Strait. Stuart Land in central Australia.
No. 247
Weller, Edward.
Australia & New Zealand.
London, c 1878. 50.5x33 cm., color. See Tooley p 31, no 212 .
Blackie & Son. Alexandra Land & Northern Territory, WA includes Eastern division.
No. 248
Weller, Edward.
Australia & New Zealand.
London, 1880. 50.5x33 cm., color. See Tooley p 31, no 212 .
Blackie & Son. "Alexandra Land" no longer included. Includes much inland exploration in Central Australia. Lake Amadeus included for 1st time. Forrest, Giles, Warburton explorations marked.
No. 249
Weller, Edward.
London, 1857. 43x30.5 cm, color. Tooley p 163, no 1316 .
From Weekly Dispatch Atlas. Pre-Queensland, SA does not go to the WA border. Printed stamp for the Weekly Dispatch, Oct. 25th, 1857.
No. 250
Weller, Edward.
Australia and New Zealand.
London, 1868. 43x30.5 cm, color. Not in Tooley.
Routes of Warburton & Forrest in W.A. Includes London to Adelaide Telegraph line, Northern Territory of South Australia, water basins draining into S.A.
 No. 251
Wilkes, Charles.
Settled Portions of New South Wales and Australia.
Washington, 1840. 29x21 cm, thick paper, wide margin, b&w. Tooley p 166, no 1355 E Tappan, sculptor.
No. 252
Wilkinson, Robert.
A New Map of the Empires, States, Provinces of Asia including Turkish & Russian Dominions in Europe & New Holland.
London, 1825, Jan 1st. 2 sheets, 119x51 & 119x75 cm. See Tooley p 167, no 1359 for later re-engraving .
Inset Botany Bay. South coast of Aus & North coast VDL filled in hypothetically. Top half of map is not pictured (misplaced but will be found).
No. 253
Wilkinson, Robert.
Asia drawn from the latest Astronomical Observations.
London, 1808, Oct 24th. 24 x 30 cm, contemporary color. Tooley p 192, no 1556 .
New Holland, Van Diemen’s Land separate, no conclusive SE coast of Australia.
No. 254
Wilkinson, Robert.
The Islands of the East Indies with the Channels between India, China & New Holland.
London, 1814. 28x22.5 cm, color. Tooley p 167, no 1363 .
Northern coastline of Australia.
No. 255
Wilkinson, Robert.
New Holland or Australia.
London, 1825, Jan 1st. 22x28 cm, outline color. Not in Tooley, see p 167, no 1361 for earlier edition.
Insets of Van Diemen's Land and Port Jackson. Macquarie, Lachlan, Castlereagh rivers. Printed text states "little progress has been made in the discovery of the interior."
No. 256
Wit, F., De.
Orientaliora Indiarum Orientalium...C Comorin tot Iapan.
Amsterdam, 1680. 44x54 cm b&w. Tooley p 169, no. 1369, pl 100; Perry pp 51-52; Clancy pp 88-89.
Map based on Pieter Goos' chart with a magnificent cartouche at the lower left corner. Tasman's discoveries are recorded, but Tasmania is omitted. Title in Latin & Dutch with the East oriented at the top of the map. Decorative and important map of the Far East & Australia.
No. 257
Wyld, James.
Map of Australia compiled from the Nautical Surveys made by order of the Admiralty.
London, 1849. 81x55 cm, color. Tooley p 171, no 1381 .
Divided into New Holland & NSW. SA & Vic. outlined, Victoria still Australia Felix. Inset of world & VDL.
No. 258
Wyld, James.
The Basin of the Pacific.
London, 1847. 86x58 cm. Tooley p 174, no 1412 .
Only SA is outlined on Australia. Marginal tears repaired.
No. 259
Yeager, J.
Philadelphia, 1825. 14x8.5 cm, original color.
Australia divided in half between New Holland and New South Wales. "Regions unexplored" in the center.
No. 260
Yeager, J.
(World double hemisphere).
Philadelphia, 1825. 27.5x49 cm, original color.
Watermarked J. Robeson paper; Parramatta included along with early explorer routes.
No. 261
Zatta, Antonio.
Emisfero Terrestre Meridionale.
Venice, 1779. 43x32.5 cm, outline color.
Records Cook's and Bougainville's routes.
No. 262
Black, A&C.
Edinburgh, c 1860. 55.5x42 cm, printed in color.
Queensland southern border included north but only to Tropic of Capricorn, above North Australia. Inset of VDL.